Sarasota Center for Innovation


The Sarasota Center for Innovation, helps organizations pursue innovation and change.  It provides training and guided facilitation in the tools and methods of Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking, and Jugaad Innovation – helping organizations find better problems to solve, and to solve existing ones in better ways.

creative problem solving framework

We believe Innovation Requires:

A Process Approach that uses the right tools, techniques, and methods to produce better divergent thinking and help people to see problems from new perspectives.

A Safe and Stimulating Environment where people are removed from the limitations of their normal work to think, speak, and act freely aided by skillful facilitators.

Diverse, Eclectic Teams who are cross functional, and come from multiple levels in the organization – trained and coached to bring their own unique perspectives to bear on “wicked problems”.

A Supporting Culture inspired and empowered by leaders, that tolerates reasonable risk taking, learns and improves with smart failures, and builds on the knowledge and experience that came before.

The Will to Act, implementing the best of the ideas developed by the team, learning and improving as you go.

Our approach is to have you learn by doing.

Learning only begins in the classroom.  For learning to stick, it must be applied in the real world, under “live fire” conditions.  Our process of facilitated learning involves starting with a business or organizational problem, then wrapping a curriculum around it, and finally guiding a team on the process of solving it.

Change feeds off of  emotion.  If you think about what has ever changed you,  it probably started with a change of heart.  I Feel… then I Think. . . then I DO!.  Change is not mainly about an intellectual process.  For this reason we believe in immersion learning, such as putting you in a situation like a field trip, in front of live customers, or in the middle of a cooking competition.    When you experience what it feels like for your team to come in dead last. . . it is much easier for you to learn how high performing ones act.

Culture Matters. . . a LOT.  No matter what your policies and procedures dictate, people’s behaviors are driven by the organizational culture.  This comes not from what you say. . . but from what you do (how you act as a leader, what you reword and what you project as being important).  Leadership behavior drives culture.  Culture eats strategy every day.

Call us today to talk about your challenges and how we might be able to help. (941) 237-0536, or use the CONTACT page to send us a note.


One response to “Sarasota Center for Innovation

  1. Kraig Keller


    What an incredible blog. I have spent most of the night working my way through it. You have a wonderful gift! Thanks for sharing your research, thoughts and creative insights.

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