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Advancing in the Resurgent Economy

Change the gameI was asked recently to present at the upcoming spring conference of the Project Management Institute, being held in the Detroit area (Novi MI).   Their theme this year, “Advancing in the Resurgent Economy” evokes a call to more innovation and change.

I was asked to speak on the topic of innovation.

So check out the conference, and come hear my talk if you wish.    You can visit the conference website

What: Spring Symposium, PMI Great Lakes Chapter

Time: 0800a to 5:00p

Where: Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi MI


My presentation: Changing the Game: Tools & Mindsets for Building Innovative Problems Solving Teams 

Morning Session #1 |10:00a | Room: Crystal Ballroom

What I will talk about:

Achieving a sustainable competitive advantage is the strategic objective of every organization. Since all companies everywhere in the world have access to the same technology, information, knowledge, and capital, these alone cannot be a source of that competitive advantage. It is through the innovative and creative ways these things can be applied that we can achieve break-through ideas that can change the game in our industry. This is about tapping the creative energies of our workforce. Developing our innovation muscles is vitally important. We will look at the need to be innovative, and the consequences of failing to do so. We will look to the global best practices being used by firms like IDEO, Google, Bell Labs, Pixar and others to see the common threads. The presentation will discuss the formula for developing an innovative team and show some real examples of how these practices are being applied.

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